"This is who you go to when you're looking for someone who can work miracles on you before or after a big event. She can also help keep you in peak condition throughout the year. Jasmine will help you tune your instrument mind, body, heart and soul so that your creativity flows in abundance. I've been to my share of bodyworkers and Jasmine is at the top! She knows how to create a safe space, she has great technique and a big heart. Her massage work is so good that it has brought me to tears of blissful release which speaks volumes. I've never been to a therapist who could bring me to that level of healing. I am buzzing with energy and creativity for weeks after each session."
Tony Bornia, West Linn, OR

"I have been doing a lot of running and triathlon training and started to develop some back pain and flexibility issues. I felt like Jasmine listened to what my issues were and found a way to treat them with stretching and massage. I have had the best massages ever and she had a lot of good advice for me to take care of myself going forward. My experiences with Jasmine have been great, but most of all I feel much better than I did before coming to see her."

Greg Bedell, Wilsonville, OR

~Testimonials  ~

"In an occupation where pushing my body to the limit is required on a daily basis, it is important to find ways to recharge the muscles. Since working with Jasmine I have noticed a change in my week to week recovery which allows my body to perform at its highest potential. These massages have not only helped me recover physically, but they have also increased my daily energy level and improved my ability to achieve quality restful sleep."

Rodney Wallace, #22, Sport Recife, Brazil

Former Midfielder/Forward

Portland Timbers

"Jasmine is an intuitive healer. She can sense what is troubling me both physically and emotionally within just a few minutes of our initial conversation. She always invites me to sit and talk with her for a time before the bodywork begins, and I find it incredibly therapeutic and enjoyable just to connect with her in conversation. She quickly puts me at ease and I always feel safe and grateful to be guided by her. The bodywork is the best I have ever had and I have never received massage from someone so focused and thorough. She has given me massages that lasted well over two hours and when they are over I feel utterly blissful. The sleep that night is deeper and my body and mind feel softer and more flexible well into the coming days. She has a gift to be sure and I am glad that I found her. You will be too."

Tim Craley, Portland, OR

 ~ Rates~

60 Minutes - $95

90 Minutes - $135

120 Minutes - $175

Jasmine Joel,

Sports Massage Therapist + Reiki Master

  License No. 13650


Are you an exceptionally busy person and have difficulty finding the time to get away? I would love to save you time by traveling to you. No matter where we are I will create a warm and inviting massage space for you.

~Notable Clients~

Professional Athletes:

Portland Timbers

Professional Musicians:

Noah Gundersen

Kris Orlowski

Business Partnerships:

Hopworks Urban Brewery